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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Backkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yep, I went away again, from a lot, from couponing more than necessary and from posting on here. But I am BACK! I jumped in with both feet running this morning with an early morning trip to Harris Teeter, check out what I got for $12.30:

Twenty packs of Sister Schubert's Rolls and 6 cartons of Smart Balance milk, which is the same as 3 gallons of milk, not half bad I'd say! According to my receipts I saved:
~Coupons: 45.00
~Vic Saving: 43.87

I also stopped at Rite Aid and cashed in on the band-aid deal(we have two kids, there are NEVER enough bandaids...)

~4 travel packs of bandaids
~2 packs of J&J Gauze

Total OOP: 2.82
Wellness Savings: 2.75
Coupon Savings: 6.00
$6 in Up+ Rewards back! I hope to go by another Rite Aid later today and pick a few more packs up!

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