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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Incoming!!! 9/21/2010

So I wanted to share both my New BzzAgent campaign and the pack I received today for it and my DMC Mentor pack! I am passing out the DMC Mentor kit via Christmas to several ladies in my family who I think would enjoy it that I am also close enough to help out if they should need it. I love cross stitch and DMC is the best!

Thanks DMC!

My BzzAgent campaign is courtesy of X-acto Crafts and Elmer Craftbond Supples, and I am THRILLED to be involved. I love to scrapbook and the products we've been allowed to test(thanks BzzAgent!) will really make scrapbooking a lot more fun! Our Kit included:

~2 Special Scissors for fun edges
~Glue dots
~Glue Stick
~Glue Pen
~Tape Runner
~Corner Round Punch
~Idea book with LOTS of great suggestions

I am VERY excited to use these tools with what I already have to start work on my scrapbook for my son's pre-k year. I will keep you guys updated as I go, I'm starting on it this weekend!

Interested in becoming a BzzAgent and letting your opinion be known?

BzzAgent Badge

Join now by following the link above!

Oh Dollar General You Are So Good To Me!!! 9/21

I raided both local Dollar Generals today after a friend(thanks Megan!!!) told me about their take an additional 50% select summer clearance sale. I scored easily $150 for under $50! These will go towards gifts for Christmas, my mom's pool next year, some things for my house and just toys for my kids!

I picked up:

~2 Bubble Swords 1.50/1
~2 Large Bubble Wands 0.50/1
~3 Squirter Sets 0.25/1
~2 Swimmer Kick Boards 1.25/1
~4 Toy Story Kids Sunglasses 1.00/1
~1 Cars Kids Sunglasses 1.00/1
~5 Sports Container Bubbles 0.25/1
~8 "Square" Container Bubbles 0.25/1
~1 pair Mask Goggles 1.25/1
~6 Beach Balls 0.25/5, 0.37/1(OOPS!)
~2 Swim Rings 0.37/1
~1 Bigger Swim Tube 1.00/1
~DD a pair of cute Pleather Shoes 2.00/1
~HUGE Inflatable Star 2.50/1
~Inflatable Raft 2.50/1
~2 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Sets 2.25/1
~5 Assorted Bird Feeders 0.37/1, 0.43/1
~2 Seat Cushions 1.12/1
~1 Sink Dish Drainer 0.75/1
~1 LED Candle 1.25/1
~2 Sets Sand Tools 0.25/1
~4 Large Platters 0.75/1
~3 Medium Platters 0.25/1
~1 Small Platter 0.25/1
~2 Serving Dishes 0.25/1
~1 T-Shirt 1.50/1
~1 "floating" Witch 1.00/1
~1 Window Cling Set 1.00/1

All in all I'm VERY happy with our haul!

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Brittany for $1.53! Thank you Rite Aid!

So my daughter has become quite fond of an animal I got her on a whim to use overage at Rite Aid a few weeks back. This little chipmunk goes EVERYWHERE with her, sleeps with her and is generally her favorite thing next to her big brother. So my husband and I were discussing buying another to store away for the inevitable "Brittany's gone!!!!!!!!!" wail or when she finally falls apart.
I know beanie babies change with the season and replacing one later might be VERY costly. While $6.99 may not seem like a great ton of money to have a replacement, I of course was looking for a way to drop that cost and Rite Aid's awesome deals and $5/$25 coupon helped me do it!

I got:

~1 box of JollyTime popcorn(thank you Jen for the freebie q!!!)
~4 Febreze Luminarie starter kits-3.99, down from 15.99!!!
~2 Febreze Large Jar Soy Candles-2.74, down from 10.99!!!
~and one lovable Brittany Chipmunk Doll

Total Out of Pocket: 3.28(tax was 1.75 of that) I could have lowered my OOP by using some of my up+ rewards but I didn't have them with me, but that is still alright with me.

Food Lion, Deer Park Buy 3, get $3 OYNO!

So I don't even begin to have a count on how many I have bought thusfar, but I have pictures! I'll have a count when I finish putting them away.
The deal on these is there is a catalina deal that prints a $3.00 OYNO coupon when you buy three, these are $1.00 each at Food Lion this week, so I am rolling! With tax the second order and each thereafter is costing me 0.06 for three packs, you cannot beat that price!

*thanks to mtnmamamj at weusecoupons!*

I also have an order coming for 25 cases(3 per case), so I am VERY excited!

Finally updating!

I know I've been absent a LONG TIME guys, but life has been pretty busy. So I feel to start I have to share a few things that have been going on in our lives.

~So Tuesday our oven caught fire! How fun is that? Thankfully I live in apartment complex and they were quick to replace it. Thanks PPM!!! They were very quick about it, we had the fire department in even though I had already put the fire out before they were here. It was still VERY stressful but I am happy to have it behind us.

~Our oldest has just started Pre-K, I volunteer in the class and of course have a very clingy little one at home right now missing big brother, so that's been time consuming in and of itself.

~The last two weeks we've all had one kind of cold or another, the kind where the kids sound like they have croup. My little one is still hacking, though my bigger one is most of the way to being better. I am not hacking yet, but my nose is training for a marathon!

Beyond that it's just been normal stuff, yardsales, housework, doctor's appointments. No excuse but it is what it is. Now to update the deals and shopping!

Friday, September 10, 2010