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Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally updating!

I know I've been absent a LONG TIME guys, but life has been pretty busy. So I feel to start I have to share a few things that have been going on in our lives.

~So Tuesday our oven caught fire! How fun is that? Thankfully I live in apartment complex and they were quick to replace it. Thanks PPM!!! They were very quick about it, we had the fire department in even though I had already put the fire out before they were here. It was still VERY stressful but I am happy to have it behind us.

~Our oldest has just started Pre-K, I volunteer in the class and of course have a very clingy little one at home right now missing big brother, so that's been time consuming in and of itself.

~The last two weeks we've all had one kind of cold or another, the kind where the kids sound like they have croup. My little one is still hacking, though my bigger one is most of the way to being better. I am not hacking yet, but my nose is training for a marathon!

Beyond that it's just been normal stuff, yardsales, housework, doctor's appointments. No excuse but it is what it is. Now to update the deals and shopping!

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