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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Brittany for $1.53! Thank you Rite Aid!

So my daughter has become quite fond of an animal I got her on a whim to use overage at Rite Aid a few weeks back. This little chipmunk goes EVERYWHERE with her, sleeps with her and is generally her favorite thing next to her big brother. So my husband and I were discussing buying another to store away for the inevitable "Brittany's gone!!!!!!!!!" wail or when she finally falls apart.
I know beanie babies change with the season and replacing one later might be VERY costly. While $6.99 may not seem like a great ton of money to have a replacement, I of course was looking for a way to drop that cost and Rite Aid's awesome deals and $5/$25 coupon helped me do it!

I got:

~1 box of JollyTime popcorn(thank you Jen for the freebie q!!!)
~4 Febreze Luminarie starter kits-3.99, down from 15.99!!!
~2 Febreze Large Jar Soy Candles-2.74, down from 10.99!!!
~and one lovable Brittany Chipmunk Doll

Total Out of Pocket: 3.28(tax was 1.75 of that) I could have lowered my OOP by using some of my up+ rewards but I didn't have them with me, but that is still alright with me.

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