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Monday, May 31, 2010

CVS Til You Drop!!!

Catch-up time! I've CVS-ed all week long and thought I'd put one giant picture and breakdown up for it!

I've got:

~4 Women's Nivea Bodywash(1 not pictured)
~3 Men's Nivea Bodywash
~2 Nivea Lip Care
~14 Revlon Creme Lip Gloss(FREE)
~8 Old Spice Body Washes
~2 Packs CVS Pocket Tissues(FREE)
~1 CVS CottonBalls(FREE)
~8 Gold Emblem Mixed Nuts(2 not pictured)
~1 CVS Conditioner(FREE)
~2 CVS Shampoos(FREE)
~3 Old Spice Body Spray(FREE...1 not pictured)
~2 Old Spice Deodorants(FREE)
~1 Revlon Nail Polish(FREE after coupon/CRT Coupon)
~1 CVS Nail Polish Remover(FREE wyb Revlon Nail Polish *LAST Week's Sale!*)
~2 Huggies Mega Packs(not pictured)
~9 Power Bars(FREE after ECB)
~2 Off! Clip On Refills(FREE)
~2 Queen Anne Cocoa Butter Lotion
~1 Ban Deodorant(FREE after ECB/coupon)
~1 L'Oreal Juicy Lip Gloss

Total OOP: 23.00 even(11.27 on a CVS money card, 3.62 on a pre-paid actually 8.11 out of my pocket expense)
Tax: 11.66 of the 23.00
CVS Savings: 188.51
Coupon Savings: 115.22
ECBS Spent: 32.19
ECBS Returned: 28.91

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