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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Food Lion and the $5/5 Kraft Deal!

I decided to run to Food Lion tonight and splurge on cookies for my kids. They LOVE Oreos and basically all Oreo based cookies and they are part of the $5/5 products deal this week and I just happened to have some great coupons handy.

I got:
~12 various Oreo Products(2.49-2.50 each)
~4 Oscar Mayer Shaved Lunchmeat Tubs(2.99 each)
~1 Bar-S Bologna(0.99 each)
~2 Pepsi Brand 2-liters(2.67 for two...OUCH!)
~1 Hefty 50-Count Foam Plates(FREE thanks to a Food Lion mobile coupon!)
~2 packs Ball Park Hot Dogs(BOGO)
~1 bag Wavy Lays(BOGO)
~1 Multi Pack Ramen Noodles(1.29 for one)

Total Cost: 19.14
MVP Savings: 33.31
Coupon Savings: 21.75

While this is not the best example of a *cheap but needed trip* it was a LOT of good deals, the lunchmeat alone before the deal and coupons would have been almost 12.00 plus tax! This is what we call a major splurge in our house, we rarely to never bring in any food that's not produce or meat if it's not almost free or completely free(with exception of tax of course!).

So does the Food Lion Mobile coupon peak your interest? I got those plates for free because I accepted a mobile coupon for "Buy two Ball Park Hot Dogs and receive one FREE pack Hefty Plates or Bowls(up to $2.60)". I *love* their mobile coupons, and while they may not all apply to our family, they're all great deals!

Wanna join? Text CLUBFL to 467467 and follow the instructions that they text back to your mobile phone. Regular text charges will apply, including airtime if your plan requires it for these. Find out more information about the Mobile Coupon Club from Food Lion HERE.

To check out the deals for this $5/5 Kraft Products deal and get some ideas on the rest of this week's sale, check out weusecoupons Food Lion forum HERE!

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