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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swagbucks, Searching daily and earning rewards!

How many of you are already with swagbucks? Show of hands...? I don't see many hands, so let me fill you in on one of my favorite websites!!! is an AWESOME website that gives you "swagbucks" for searching using their search engine, reading their blog(those are codes given at a certain time btw), or doing various activities like their daily poll or the merchant offers that change weekly.

I have to say I visit swagbucks everytime I need to search, even if it's just pulling up a site I already know the address to, within two months I've earned 535 swagbucks which is a rather small pittance compared to some people's winnings! I intend on using mine to gain giftcard codes and buy some christmas for my family with them. Because the codes also cover shipping I will wait until the last possible moment(probably octoberish for me) and turn them all in and likely get several free to me items!

Interest in joining and getting in on all the great rewards?

Check it out by clicking on this banner:

Search & Win

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