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Friday, May 28, 2010

Email Incoming!!! 5/28/2010

I am part of the E-Vic club that Harris Teeter has associated with their Store Card(the VIC card) and I receive an email every Friday stating what deals I am able to get. These deals are specific to my card and are different for everyone in the program based on what you buy and they're usually pretty good. Today was even more awesome!

YAY for free!! I'm going to be in there shopping for groceries at some point and will definately take advantage of this and at least two of the other offers in my email.

Please remember this deal is specific to my card and is non-transferrable to another card, every card receives a different combination of deals. If you're signed up but just want to know what deals you have, have someone in Harris Teeter scan your card as you come in and let it print the deals at the bottom of your receipt.

Not a member of the E-VIC club yet? Join HERE for free!

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