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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Couponing, how do you do it?--Part 1!

So, if you've read through any of the posts I had over the last week, you see the word coupon come up over and over again. That's because 90% of my shopping is done with coupons. I've had neighbors and friends ask, how I do that, so I'm going to share!

I have always used a few coupons here and there, but really got into this about a year or so ago when things were VERY difficult for us. My husband works VERY hard and I am SAHM with two children in the toddler/preschool range, but making ends meet was beyond difficult. I started by browsing lots and lots of sites claiming to help you save money. I have a list of favorites that even after a year I still visit almost daily for a peek at what they have listed in their good deals.

We Use
I actually help out in the Harris Teeter forum there and there are lots of great people that are VERY coupon knowledgable and friendly to boot, they are where I finally got the shove into the kind of couponing I do now and have been featured on local stations in the site owner's home state and nationwide on ABC.

She ALWAYS has a great deal or freebie and an awesome coupon resource. The insert previews there are the best! For those who don't know what an insert it, it's what most couponers call the papers that come each sunday that are just strictly coupons, like the P&G Insert, the Smartsource Insert, and the Redplum Insert.

Free Stuff Times
Chris has one of the best lists of freebies on the web by far and his site is constantly updating with new deals!

Until I was ready to post and put myself out there(and possibly embarass myself) I simply lurked on these sites copying the deals that other people posted. And this worked! It worked for quite a while until I started noticing I was still not saving enough on what I needed to and I had some serious questions I needed answers for. I finally caved and started posting on the Forum boards for these places and commenting on the feeds for the deals on the blogs. I had been so wrong about being embarassed!! People went out of their way to help me understand and get better deals on what I needed. If I didn't have a coupon, there was always someone willing to send me one to help, if I was confused, there was always a reassuring word as they helped spell out the deal for me.

It took a LONG time, but now I consider myself to be a pretty proficient couponer and I have those folks above to thank for it. I only hope to be as much help to others as they were to me.

~Part 2 to come tomorrow!~

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