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Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh Holy Up+ Rewards!!!!

I went to Rite Aid tonight and made out like a bandit, thank you Up+ rewards!!!

~8 Old Spice Body Washes
~8 Full Size Old Spice Deodorants
~1 Trial Size Old Spice Deodorant(attached to a full size one, woo!)
~4 Old Size Body Sprays
~4 Gillette Body Washes
~4 Double pack Gillette Deodorant Deodorants
~3 Keychain Rite Aid Sunscreens
~1 20oz Diet Dew
~1 pack Extra Gum
~2 Got2B Smooth Operator Products

Total OOP before all coupons and sales: 169.02
After coupons and sales: 4.92!!!!!
AND I have a $4.00 UP+ reward to use, so it's actually like spending a whopping 0.92!

**$20 of the savings was them adjusting down the double packs of deodorant, apparently they are not part of the 2/8.00 sale BUT they had a tag and it was correctly labeled, so they adjusted them for me, I have a GREAT Rite Aid that cares very much about their customers!**

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