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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shopping with the Whole Family! 6/5/2010

So normally when I go to several places in one trip, my husband keeps our little ones at home and I go, just because of the stress of getting them in and out at so many places. Last night my kids wanted to go so badly that I caved and said "come on!", but to my surprise they were WONDERFUL! Because they were so awesome, they got a treat out of the Target snackbar, which is a splurge!

So we got:


~7 Vitamin Waters
~1 Steakhouse Bread(Son loves this!)
~1 gallon milk

Total Out of Pocket: 8.84
Coupons Saved: 1.00
MVP Savings: 7.41
*I actually spent 1.00 more than the above as we bought another Children's Miracle Network donation balloon, I think their organization is wonderful and I purchase one of every fund raiser item they have at our local Food Lion*


~2 Lean Cuisine Meals(1.97*2=3.94)
~26 Arm and Hammer Travel TPs(0.97*26=25.22)
~2 Kleenex Handtowels(2.99*2=5.98)
~1 Crayola 8CT Crayons(0.79)
~2 John Freida Detanglers(5.04*2=10.08)
~2 Armor All products(2.49*2=5.98)
~2 packs BIC pens(0.99*2=1.98)
~1 Black Ink Cartridge(13.09 BEFORE taxes alone)
~3 Scotch Fur Fighters(markdown to 2.48!)
~1 Finish Quantum Starter Kit(5.00 TPC)

Total BEFORE Coupons: 83.66
Tax: 5.16(of the 83.66)
Total After Coupons: 13.37


Transactions 1:
~2 johnson's baby oils(1.32 each)

Total Out Of Pocket: 0.84
Coupons Savings: 2.00
CVS Savings: 7.94!!
No ECB back

Transaction 2:
~1 ban deo

Total Out Of Pocket: 0.23
Coupon Savings: 1.00
CVS savings: cannot read that line, blurred...but I think's it's 0.50 off this week
$2 ECB in, $2 ECB back

Transaction 3: (using the 5/15 that printed the first time!)
~2 packs Huggies
~2 packs Reese Cups
~3 Caramels

Total Out of Pocket: 1.29(BUT 1.21 on a money card from a VERY botched transaction earlier this week, it was basically I think $2 ECBs on there to say sorry?) so 0.08 out of pocket!!!
Coupons saved: 6.00
CVS Savings: 31.98
No ECB in, no ECB out

*this was a beautiful transaction because I mentioned to the manager on duty that those were 75% off everywhere else and asked why they weren't there and he said if I wanted them for 75% off to grab them and he'd be most happy to mark them down for me....YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY for awesome managers!!!!!!!!!!!!*


~1 20oz Mtn Dew(had overage to eat up, 1.59)
~1 Clearasil Daily Face Wash(5.29)
~2 Colgate Toothpastes(markdown to 0.99 each)
~1 Ben Gay(5.49)
~1 Veet Shave Gel(6.49)
~1 Got2B Smoothing Lotion(6.49)
~2 Physician's Formula Makeups(11.00/2)

Total Out of Pocket: 1.09(paid on a previously earned RA giftcard)
Tax: 2.52(got overage, YAY!)

Rite Aid Savings: 4.75
Coupon Savings: 39.00-WOO!


~1 pack Kiss Artificial Nails

Total Out of Pocket: 0.16
Coupon Savings: 2.00

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