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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rite Aid, the Addiction Trip 6/10/2010

How can one resist the lure of free makeup and free diapers? I can't, I know that for sure! I went last night and today(had to have last night's receipt adjusted for coupons forgotten). I got a couple more packs of diapers for us today and some diapers for my brother's and his kind of GF's new baby and some baby wash/lotion also.

The kids and I got:

~6 packs of Huggies(three marked down, three not)
~15 bottles of various Johnson and Johnson baby products
~2 Johnson's and Johnson's Adult Lotions
~1 gallon Milk
~1 Dove candy bar(on clearance)
~8 Physician's Formula makeups
~1 Aveeno Lotion
~2 large diecast metal cars(my kids were perfect angels, this is where the 11.99 UP+ reward went basically)

Total Out Of Pocket: 7.33(TAX: 7.61)
UP+ Rewards Earned: 23.98
UP+ Rewards Used: 15.99(a 4UP+ from Old Spice and 1 11.99 from the huggies last night)
Total Savings: 305.50(diaper savings ROCK!)

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