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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CVS Clearance Splurge! 6/8/2010

So I ran in to get another ProGlide Razor and some more detangler and found a ton of great clearance! So of course, I splurged my extracare bucks and picked it up!

I got:

~6 transfomers Promo Snickers @ 0.09 each
~3 Single Pair L'Eggs Knee Highs@ 0.09 each
~1 box of L'Eggs Ankle Highs @0.64
~17 boxes of Bayer Crystals(4 Count) @ 0.29 each
~2 boxes of L'Oreal Hairdye @0.99 each
~1 ProGlide Fusion Razor @9.97
~2 bottles John Freida Detangler @5.00 each
~1 Wii Steering Wheel Accessory @ 0.50
~4 bags of Penny Candy(in the gold and clear bags, cute stuff!) @0.20 each

Total Out Of Pocket: 2.57(tax was 2.34 of that)
ECBs spent: 17.00
ECBS earned: 8.00

The Knee Highs and Ankle Highs are for my mom, she wears these EVERYDAY and they are $ when you wear holes and runs in them almost weekly. She's active and hardworking and I am most happy to be able to take her something to help! I *thought* the Bayer was something my uncle could take since his surgery but I guess I remembered it backwards, but that's okay, I know I can find others to help by giving them away or donating them to the ministries.

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