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Thursday, June 3, 2010

CVS and Diapers Diapers Diapers OH MY! 6/2/2010

A friend and I got wind of the 75% off Huggies at CVS and we met up to shop and were off and running!! Here's what I got, what I spent and what I made!

I got:

~2 Mega packs Huggies, size 5
~2 Mega packs Huggies, size 6
~3 CVS Thin Diapers, size 5
~1 20oz Diet Pepsi(CVS hopping is thirsty work!)

Total OOP: 8.33(2.55 on a CVS Money Card, so 5.78 actual OOP)
ECBs Spent: 6.97
ECBs Made: 6.00
Coupons Saved: 13.00
CVS Savings: 75.36

I am just in AWE at all the great diaper deals lately!! I was buying these when they were 50% off last week thinking to myself "WOW 8.99 minus my $3/1 Huggies coupons and some ECBs, what a deal!!" and just look at that above....7 packs for the price of one!

In case you're wondering, the CVS Thin Diapers are 75% off this week as well and putting out a $2.00 ECB!(Limit 1) SO the deal looks like this:

1 pack CVS Thin Diapers-2.37 + NC tax= 2.55
Get back a $2.00 ECB(which you could roll into the Ban Deodorant in this week's ad and get a stick of deodorant for 0.99 with $2.00 ECBs back from that...or make it better, use a $1.00/1 Insert coupon for the Ban and get it better than free!)

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